Apparently, all-time hang out tea places keep popping out like popping bobas.
This time, I got to try Cobo in Tomas Morato.

The place is quite big with such cheerful ambiance.

The menu was extensive. They had milk teas of all kinds of flavors. They had chicken pops much like Serenitea’s. They also had shaved ice desserts of which is as extensive as the toppings they allow you to choose from.

Unfortunately though, Cobo’s Black Sugar Milk Tea is the same with what other bubble tea stations has to offer. At some point actually, it does taste like Moonleaf’s Hakka Milk Tea — only smaller, yet more expensive. I give it three tea leaves out of five.

Although I must point out the their Sesame Snow Ice is a different story.

Say, Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese : Happy Lemon :: Okinawa Milk Tea : Serenitea. Sesame Snow Ice (best with mongo beans) is like that. Yea well, among any other in Cobo, this touched me like an iPhone application.


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