It’s been 2 hours over already, but I’m still reeling. At some point, it feels like it was all a dream. Talk about the most epic night of my life.

It was so hard not to get over-excited. It’s no secret that I *love* Jason Mraz. I was fidgety the whole drive to Cubao.

There is a reason why this particular man, will always have a place in my heart. It is because through my roughest times and best moments — all of his albums I’ve listened to from beginning to end as they play on loop in my car — there is no way a Jason Mraz song, won’t be appropriate for any kind of feeling or situation in my life.

And isn’t it thrilling how one person, one man, one stranger, can put into music the complexities of the sentiments you thought you were going through alone? How can words coming from a person you’ve never met sum up the entire spectrum of feelings you’ve attached to parts of yourself no one else knows?

I arrived Gateway just in time to have a quick dinner. By that time, the carpark was full. Good thing Kuya Carwash was inevitably attracted to Cupcake the Skunk. That is how I ended up having access to a No Parking slot.

Soon after, we went in early to buy concert merch. Unfortunately, Kuya Guard wouldn’t let me in. Well, at least he wouldn’t let Frost in. I asked Kyle if I could just leave Frost with Trigger since Cupcake was quite far and I refuse to go through with the hassle of picking Frost back up the baggage counter after the concert, plus I don’t trust Kuya Baggage Counter. That is how it’s near impossible to take decent pictures with my zoomless, iPhone4.

I hyped too soon about our seats. I complained too soon about our seats. Four ankle twists, a bathroom break, and three tall Coffee Jellies after, we were a couple of reaches apart from the concert stage. That is how we missed the opening of the show.

First thing I had to say about the concert was WOW. As soon as we looked left and right and were assured that no bouncer is bound to kick us off our newfound seats, I looked onstage, right then I remember thinking, “IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?!?” I looked at Marie and then at Kyle and they had the same exact facial expression I had on — complete awe. This is it, Jason Mraz. There beside him stood Toca Rivera producing bad-ass funky rhythm.

Jason Mraz oozed with charisma and stage presence while keeping you mesmerized with his funky, soulful guitar-playing. The way he moved and held his guitar was so uncanny. I loved that his performances were all so unique and entertaining instead of just playing the originals.

The setlist wasn’t what was found on Google, but if there is anything to be said about it — it was a spectacle. I belted out alongside Life is Wonderful, Live High, Details in the Fabric, Dynamo of Volition, Please Don’t Tell Her, If It Kills Me, Butterfly, A Beautiful Mess and You and I Both, while I narrated which was which: I celebrated with as I passed Chem 17, I cried with when everything was falling apart, I played endlessly when things started to shift gears before I even got the chance to admit that they were — which songs I needed during a time in my life, and which found me. Moments, I knew I wanted to see certain songs live — had to.

Three of the songs I didn’t know. And how glad was I that I didn’t. As these three songs commanded full attention — the lyrics so heartfelt and overwhelming, my system only entailed the capability of goosebumps.

I got a bit emotional when You Are Loved echoed over and over, and soon after the never ending air-pumping fists of the enthusiastic crowd, the lights went out, and so did Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera.

We begged him to get back on stage. I never screamed so loud in my entire life.

Soon enough, he got back up on stage, dedicated a song to some Cecilia to urge a plea to stop human trafficking, and perfectly capped the show with the only song I can play, I’m Yours. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Everyone was on their feet, swaying and clapping their hands and singing the whole song. The LCD screen was keen on projecting people of different social status, ages, even fashion styles — all moving to the same music. Goes to show how a Jason Mraz can break borders and stereotypes and bring people together all in the name of great music.

And that was how we sang, we danced, and he stole my heart all over again.

Kyle was dropping me off as I reclaimed Frost from Trigger, when a jet black Ford E150 with plate number LEI 10 cut in front of us, with a swarm of blissful fans trying to catch up and take pictures.

And kids, that’s the story of how I first said hi to your dad, and he waved back, as I hurriedly stepped off a Navy Blue Swift to chase after him in 4-inch wedges.


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