Catching Up

Nikki and I met up.

I finally had my BAs 99.1 and 99.2 credited to HRIM 101. Well, technically I haven’t yet. Because mi adviser was absent and nobody was to sign my substitution form. But I’ve spoken to both department chairs already and they said it was all good.

Yea well, just in case you didn’t know, I used to be a BAA major. But then I shifted out. 1 because my mom said so (in exchange for Cupcake haha), 2 because I was mediocre at Accounting and 3 because business to me is a mere skill, not catering to the vision of say, when I get out of this black hole that is college, I wish to someday share something substantial to the world.

3 years later I got tired of using #1 as my material girl excuse. #2 doesn’t make any sense either as at the same time, I have found out that science geekery isn’t really my forte as well. Also, 3 years later, I’ve been quite immune of my dad boasting of his daughter studying at the University of the Philippines only to make Polvoron. Hah.

So that leaves me to #3. Yea well, it’s true. Business is a skill. If we weren’t filling out the ledgers and balancing the balance sheets back in BA, we were solving cases and reporting them. Not really something they teach you to do, but something they teach you to get used in doing.

3 years later, I find out that my purpose isn’t defeated. Here I am, aside from answering any possible deviation of “Food Tech, ano yun?” I am proud to say that I could answer alongside, questions of the world in physical, biological, anatomical, atomic, and subatomic levels all thanks to my shaky science knowledge base.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. May my math-chem-bio-micro-physucks exam grades be inferior juxtaposed to the ones I get in my communication-lit-econ-business classes, I know things certain people doesn’t, and I am puhretty sure I’m ahead because they have to more than knock their brains off for them to learn such overnight :P

Anyway, 5 months to graduation KASI AKO NA TALAGA ANG ILUSYONADA HAHAHAHA I realize the importance of doing something (for the rest of your life) you are naturally good at. And If there’s something my TCG, permanent eyebagahe and pimple marks say, from my 3rd year onwards, “dude, this isn’t it.” I know that this isn’t it.

I find no problem in it though. Since as Sarek would put it, “Spock, you are fully capable of deciding your own destiny. The question you face is: which path will you choose? This is something only you can decide.” And at some point, even if I am not as Spock-ish as Sheldon of TBBT is, I have decided :) Hey, nothing’s a waste, it’s good also knowing that I am capable of doing something else, all the more getting a car and diploma for it :))

Anyway, I’m left with FN 15 and completing my thesis this sem, surely (plus I also am enrolling in 6 foreign language units just because daddy wants me to). GAGRADUATE NA AKO WALANG KOKONTRA hahaha I’m very optimistic but I can’t help feeling scared and overwhelmed too — but such is life, and this is how I deal with it.

Like I said, Nikki was at UP too. What? You don’t know Nikki? BFN? My Best Friend Nikki? :)) Anyway she’s graduate na now YAAAY CONGRATS BFN ♥ She had her thesis signed by the College Dean then afterwards, hardbound.

You know what’s the toughest thing about finishing a thesis? It’s saying goodbye and pitching “I’ll miss you” to your best college buds.

Get this. I know it’s not like graduation yet. And we’re meeting up again tomorrow and watching Train Live in Manila together come December hahaha clingy us :P But as I have learned, as we grow older, it’s true that the death of a friendship can no longer be tucked behind the flimsy skirts of high school woes, and all the more, lab gown angst. Nor can it be boxed in by the geographical (and emotional) distance that sprung from working at different companies.

And yes, I strongly believe that finishing your undergrad requirements is the main culprit! Because afterwards everybody will be just as busy, swamped with issues, and stressed over juggling relationships.

Nonetheless, as we got our large cups of Cocoa and Rock Salt and Cheese and I realize that Nikki’s looks, taste in music and career path vision are now different compared to when I first met her — at the root of it all, she’s still the same. There for me when I need her the most, and it’s like no time has passed. And soon after as I dropped her off to Philcoa, I know. That come ten years more down the road, still, there’s BFJ and BFN side by side, hanging tight and never giving up on what they have :)


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