Kate Reddy is my mom.

So, I’ve been reading I Don’t Know How She Does It.

It’s now showing in moviehouses nationwide, go watch it. That would be much cheaper than buying the book, actually. Thing is, I got the book first and I don’t have the money to go to the movies na so there, story of my life haha

On the other hand, I Don’t Know How She Does It is the story of my mom’s life :)) Ngayon lang nag-agree si mom when I narrated to her the 6th Chapter: The Court of Motherhood.

Long story short, Kate Reddy dreamt of herself being prosecuted in the aforementioned Court charged with being A WORKING MOM WHO OVERCOMPENSATES WITH MATERIAL THINGS FOR NOT BEING AT HOME WITH HER CHILDREN =))))

She tries to give out a plea pero kasi she doesn’t think the judge or anybody would fully understand the situation she is in. She doesn’t want to spoil her children. She wants to spoil her children. It’s not like she wishes to spoonfeed them, it’s just that she used to have none when she was a child. All Kate really wants is for her children to have all the things she never had.

Oh Kate sweetheart. The judge may not understand you, but I’m sure my mom would :))

HAHAHA SOBRANG GALING NI ALLISON PEARSON! She was even able to quote my mom, “Why do I work so hard if not to buy my children things that give them pleasure?” WHAT ARE EXACT WORDS =))))

Sobrang funny lang talaga okay. No, I’m not complaining that my mom is working. I’m actually very grateful at that. Truth is, long before, I have already come to the point of understanding that the world of women is divided in two: proper moms — the self-sacrificing chefs of hearty home-cooked meals and well-scrubbed invigilators of the wash tub, and there were the other sort. And at this point of my understanding of what being a woman meant, I know precisely which kind I will be ;)

Anyway, I got the book kasi I always find myself asking mom how she, yknow, does it. And I’m just saying I am so glad I did. Because now, I gots painfully hilarious answers.


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