Older sisters say the darnder things.

Context: Being the good siblings that we are, we would come up with all kinds of stories just so Robertson would learn the importance of proper hygiene AKA taking a bath. He just won’t take a bath in the morning. Unfortunately, Rachelle and I, we’re no Neil Gaimans of some sort. One day, daddy got him a new cellphone. I got Rachelle to send him some jibber-jabber SMS and I read it aloud: “Mayfield Montessori Text Brigade: Starting tomorrow, students who did not take a bath will not be allowed to enter the school gates. This is for strict compliance, the guards have been fully instructed.” Luckily, it worked, for about 3 weeks or so.

Rachelle: Friends na kami ni Yuki sa Facebook. Meron akong nasagap na chismis.

Robertson: Hay naku, wag mo na ngang i-friend yan si Yuki.

Janelle: Bakit ayaw mong i-friend ni Ate Rachelle si Yuki sa Facebook?

Rachelle: Eh kasi pinagkakalat daw ni Yuki na hindi naliligo si Robertson kapag pumapasok sa school. Kaya binuhusan tuloy siya ng water ni Milo.

Janelle: Bakit ka binuhusan ng water ni Milo? Akala niya pareho kayong 3-in-1?


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