The Picture of Janelle(in almost) Gray

Hindi ito pangdebut though. HAHA

Okaaay, so I am guilty of not completely updating this blog as I often used to, so here’s my sort of utang gradpic photo. Snapshot of mi hair (obviously not and make-up) + ensemble :D Can you guess what I went for?

Anyway, I just finished The Picture of Dorian Gray. Sobrang awezum! It’s about a charming young man, Dorian Gray — no, no, wait, it’s actually about his portrait. Kasi, some gay artist (Basil) was impressed with Dorian’s beauty (AKA excessive crush), so, asked if he could paint him. What’s so interesting about the aforementioned portrait is a) the hotness that is Dorian Gray, and b) It’s the complete opposite of what happens in real life!

Di ba, it’s like this. Why do we take pictures? Because they last longer!

I remember tuloy mom as she would serendipitously find baby pictures of mine,

Mom: Ang cute cute mo nung bata ka.

Me: …but cute pa rin naman ako now eh :>

Mom: Oo nga, but mas masarap tingnan to eh. Yknow with all your innocence and lack of katigasan ng ulo.

haha funny story no!

Ayun kasi, di ba, like in real life, our images tend to be uglier and uglier as we do bad things. Dorian Gray was so fortunate to have a separate entity for it as he explores limitless hedonism. DI BA MINDBLOWING :D

Aah fiction, far more interesting than reality.


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