These days

I’ve been feeling so alone.

No, not the suicidal kind, not the Oh-I-am-so-unloved-kill-me-now kind. Just the I-literally-don’t-have-anyone-with-me kind. I guess it’s just that I’ve been seeing people less and less each day. Sure, I have several other friends, but given the circumstances, we are only allowed the convenience of seeing each other only by chance and surprise, as predetermined lunch/dinner/coffee/milk tea dates get either postponed or cancelled.

Besides, iMessage/Twitter/Facebook can only get so far.

Although that’s weird. Kasi

1. Patty and I went out last Monday. Yknow that cliche, “What’s better than a friend, is a friend with chocolate,” well I realized that it’s actually much better if the chocolate has something else in it HAHA and only the Maitre Chocolatier staff will know what I mean :P Anyway yez, I dragged her to Makati to have my chocolate fix.

Our drama that day was Fine Chocolates and Even Finer Women. Not going into details because Patty would probably kill me. haha But what I think she wouldn’t mind me telling you is that, we got lost in Makati, and yes, I was the driver. Though I don’t feel bad about it, actually.

I love Makati. Getting lost in Makati has always been a dream to me. Ultimately, that city is like a hardened chain-smoking fairy godmother to me, who seemed like she was always in a hurry. She seems so kind to me, blinding me with all the opportunities that I’ve never considered anywhere else.

Trying to find our way back to Quezon City and her diverged roads not letting me, IDK it feels like she’s asking me to stay. That I had a place in Makati — that I belonged somehow :P

2. Bea, Grace and I went out for coffee last Thursday. And yea, we did lunch at Rodic’s before that with Avie and Yvonne. Something I haven’t done for a very long time, actually. You see, I love Rodic’s. But then it would make my tummy go funny everytime. Damn, LABs.

Anyway, Grace asked me about *. Wala lang, that was so long ago, but then *it got me retrospecting. And as I sipped through my iced Cranberry White Chocolate, well, a part of me wants to have that back.

But the next morning, as I showered then blowdried my hair, a few strands seemed suddenly attracted to my comb — then I was reminded of the concept of Electric Dipoles. Why hello there Physucks friends!

Just in case you forgot, well, this is pretty much what I know: Electric Dipoles consists of 2 oppositely charged objects. Since they are after all, oppositely charged, in between, there is some sort of attraction. Electric Dipoles however, does not apply if the two charges have a considerable amount of distance. Kasi if they’re too far away from each other, they’re just as good as two isolated charges, hence, not affected by any sort of attraction.

So, nasabi ko nalang, c’est la vie.

3. Yep, I am taking French this sem. And there’s someone in my class who makes staying in UP a little longer so worthwhile, everyday. HAHAHAHAHA HAY FRENCH TUNAY KANG LANGUAGE OF LOOOOVE hahahaha Besides sobrang sarap ng ears ng French, although sobrang sakit sa jaw — or maybe it’s what I get from smiling so much? HAHAHA

I still like Italian over French btw. Though if I’m going to speak it kasi, I don’t really succeed sa Italian. No, not because of the pronunciation because I have perfected it hahaha and it’s easy. Yun lang, the Italians are usually very fast speakers, and they’re like palaging galit. French at some point somehow suits me kasi di ba malambing ako magsalita HAHAHAHA and yknow that rule about making everything sound so nice =))

So there. I guess it’s because I’ve been so used to being alone, that I could be in the same room with a bunch of people yet still feel so alone? CHOOOS! hahaha At best, I am just possibly currently diagnosed with a)overthinking b)PMS and/or c)being a whiny, selfish brat.


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