day jumpstarted

Photo credit: 9gag

So yknow where I am when I’m not updating here :)) I have an entire folder of 9gag posts very dear to my heart, actually. Those I would have reblogged if I had Tumblr. Those I would have shared if I was some loser in Facebook frantically wanting for some comment like “b*tch please, we’ve all seen this already in 9gag”

One day I will post each of them. Or I shall not.

Anyway about this one. Eyes left on the title, this post actually did jumpstart my day. I woke up from a bad dream. No wait, it wasn’t that bad. It’s just. Hrm, alam mo yung feeling mong feeling ng parents whenever their children point out their mistake?

Well, that’s how the dream was. My subconscious pointing out my conscious mistakes.

Whatever. Goodmorning :)


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