greetings from the mainlib :-h

So, today I’m trying to finish my thesis RRL. Initially my deadline was tomorrow but I guess the universe refuses that I finish it soon, so I moved it to thursday. haha Basta hopefully before the break I could pass my RRL + Phase 1 R&D. Malay natin baka bored si Ma’am di ba :))

Anyway, as I was in the middle of hoarding all related journals to my thesis topic from Science Direct c/o the CHE lib, bigland nagtweet si Mela, 88 pesos basefare ng lahat ng domestic flights ng CebuPac. So bilang ako ay scientist at curious, I checked it out. And spent 2 hours reserving flights for Cebu and Beijing. HAHAHA SORRY NA OKAY.

When I was done doing so, I took 4 books out for overnight use and headed to the main lib. Kasi there’s this one reference material I need that’s here + I could stay here up to 9pm :)

Anyway, mi MBP ran out of batt na rin, so I had to charge. Eh di ba the outlets here are the ones in the middle lang. I found one available sa last table. In return, look what found me:

Well, there is still after all, 5 hours to 9pm. Not to mention 2 days to thursday. HAHAHAHA SORRYYYYY!


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