Oh, I almost forgot. Another reason why I’ve been so negligent here is that, I have a new blog. It’s poignant and pathetic and icky and well, it’s for you.

…because I guess it’s time to admit it to myself how much I quietly and achingly like you. All the words I write at the back of my notebook, all the songs I play in my iPad, all the lines I highlight in my favorite novels, all the fortunes in cookies, the stars in the sky, the songs on repeat, the coins on fountains and wishes during 11:11, these letters — they’re all for you.

You, who leave me speechless, lacking in adjectives, morphemes, lexemes — whatever those you mean. You, who make everyday bearable amidst the routine I’m slightly growing tired of. You, who make all my creative juices for fiction work. You, who make me disregard the rules of syntax and grammar just so I can put into words the feelings I couldn’t repress coming alive during times of idleness as you occupy my mind alone.

You and only you.

You, who might, sorta, kinda, like me too.

How charot. hahaha I’ll publish it next year orrr hrm haha


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