Live, Love + Lomo

Hello, uhm, next week, ieexam ko lahat ng subjects ko this sem :)) Yea, I’d prolly be on hiatus after this post. Mag-aadvance cram ako :))

It’s kinda sad, yea. But no worries :D In times like this, when so much effort must be exerted and considerable amounts of sleep must be compromised, the only rational solution is to get on with it ASAP and opkors, drink coffee — lots, and lots of coffee!

As of June this year, this has been my favoritest coffee of all ♥

Traditional Arabian coffee from Lugang Cafe by The Bellagio

It’s like UCC coffee for a lower price and bolder flavor, plus, it comes with free live coffee-dripping show!

It’s soooo good pramis! For me, it was actually love at first taste experience :> Above anything else, try this one at Lugang Cafe — which serves Taiwanese cuisine, oddly (shall blog about this next time nalang haha) :/ Anyway, yea go try it! Tis only 180 pesos good for 4 people already! DI BAAA :D Though I don’t think you still need the company :)) Sobrang sarap kasi and addictive that you really would want to finish everything. Pero alam mo yun, at some point ng pag-inom mo, you wouldn’t want to finish it anymore kasi it would make you sad seeing it empty orrr baka emotional weirdness towards food and beverages ko lang yun =))

My 2nd favoritest, BTW, is Dome’s Flat White Coffee :3


Bale sa puso ko right now: Arabian coffee > Dome’s Flat White Coffee > Batangas coffee > UCC houseblend > hot Kopi by KopiRoti > Kopiko Brown > CBTL’s Cafe Vanilla > non-fat Caramel Macchiato with sugar-free vanilla by Starbucks

Pero shemps, sa aking pag-aaral, Nescafe Brown lamang ang aking tunay na malalaklak.
/aorta haha